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Stories about Peter

If you have a story that you would like to share,

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Rio Richards Seymour

We’re in my dad’s huge truck. Huge to me because I’m 8 or 9 and the world is tall, off-limits, and mostly dangerous. I watch my dad put on his shades, turn the key in the ignition and pause. The truck rumbles beneath us like it’s shaking off a hard sleep and my dad is scanning his CD collection fastened above his head to the driver’s side visor. It takes only a moment for him to find Tommy...

Chris Richards

One should not be made larger in death than they were in life, but that said, Petey was a true gem. My whole life I envied the way he had with people. Too many times I’ve told the story of following PP into a favorite watering hole in downtown Santa Barbara, and literally everyone in the place reaching out to shake his hand, clap him on the back, meet his eye. It was like Springsteen showing up at a groupie convention!...

Kelly Grogan

... As we walked up to the house, hearing the music even from the road, I remember thinking that I looked ridiculous. And then someone started approaching us. He was fully committed to his wig--a mess of Alice Cooper curls that tumbled down his chest, his eyes hidden behind reflective aviators, a drink in hand. Most memorable, though, was his smile....

Sean Duffy

...Are you aware that we called him, "Truck wrecker Pete".?? Well, he came about this moniker honestly.!!....

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